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through System Constellations.


Business consulting through system constellation
- Marketing Consulting(product, price, place, promotion, markets, competitors analysis)
- Strategic Business Consulting (business system strengthes, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
- Personnel Analysis (stresses, challenges, motivation, leadership, team development)

We will be exploring the the most important, key elements of your business, its opportunities and threats.
The session provides you with new ideas and understanding how to grow your business next.

Business analysis is based on System Constellations.
We are exploring the business as the system, looking for the elements that stops growth of your business.

We explore the correlations among the elements of your business.
And we are looking for the elements that could be empowered.
This session allows you to get the brief analysis your business, its perspectives and trends.
It shows up the directions of perspective development.

After the session our clients usually start rapid development of their business to achieve better results.

A business analysis session will help you to
- make an analysis of your business from the outside
- find new opportunities for business development
- understand and reduce obstacles and threats to the development of your business,
- Clarify and draw up a business development plan.


Testimonial. Olga Bachila:
Andrey, I express my sincere gratitude to you for the arrangement session for me and my nascent work of life! :)
You felt and very delicately conveyed very subtle moments that were hidden from me earlier. This helped me to think and pay attention to the study of those things that, seemingly in no way could have an impact on the current course of affairs. However, as it turned out, they could very well.
Because now, after the arrangement and after a small ritual with the family, I feel much freer, and, therefore, transmit it to the World and the World answers me.
We did energy work with you on Friday, and on Sunday I got a few more clients))
Thank you, valuable man!
I wish you much success! ❤️❤️❤️

Testimonial. Alexander Yatsun:
Thank you Andrew for the business consultation! I clarified many of the "pitfalls" in my activity. What is cool is not just business consultation, but, precisely, using magical technologies that make it clear what is in our subconscious and bring it to the level of consciousness and even eventuality. I'm pleasantly surprised.
I advise you all, you will be pleasantly surprised too!!!

Testimonial (Business constellation session) Alexey:
After the session I felt like a certain stream was turned on! I immediately got some the new clients and lots of thing start happening around me in my life!

The session could be held online or offline on your choice.
Usually one session takes upto 40 minutes.

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