PART 2. The Principles of Evolution


4.1 Evolution of Human.

A person undergoes a long evolution of consciousness, stretched to many incarnations, some of which take place on Earth.

The evolution of human consciousness occurs during several stages. These stages are called Castes. In the ancient history of mankind there was a caste society, traces of which survived to our time.

In total there are 4 castes of people, with the last 4 castes can be divided into 4 levels. Thus, the whole system has 7 gradations. This corresponds to the 7 energy Chakras described in the Indian tradition.

In the process of evolution of the Monad, which occurs during many births of this particular personality, the assemblage point moves from one Chakra to another.

Consider this experience as the formation of information structures. It is clear that for each frequency band there will be a limiting information capacity. Saturation of this capacity will signal a transition to the next level or the next caste. 

4.2. Evolution of the biological species Human.

Man, as a representative of the biological species, evolves. During the existence of the Earth, this species will evolve from being A (protochelovek) to creature B (perfect man). We can assume that the creature A corresponds to the lowest frequency Chakra (Muladhara chakra), and the creature B is the highest-frequency chakra (Sahasrara chakra).

During the evolution of the Monad, the proportion between the energies of the Body (low frequency chakras) and consciousness (high-frequency Chakras) shifts toward increasing the energies of consciousness. The three lower chakras are related to the energies of the body. The four upper chakras are associated with the energies of consciousness.

The main difference between the first three castes and the fourth one is that these people live in the Treaty (virtual world) without influencing it with their consciousness, and the people of the fourth caste have such a strong consciousness that it is able to change the Treaty.

This ability to influence the Treaty increases from the 1st level of the 4th caste to the 4th level of the 4th caste. These new properties of the human consciousness are called Siddhas (or higher abilities). These abilities are associated with an increase in the density of Consciousness energies, which makes possible its interaction with the Treaty.

The consciousness of people of the 1-3st caste is occupied with the creation of behavioral algorithms. It is this (algorithms of effective behavior in society) that is the subject of training and education of the people of the first 3 castes. This thinking is associated with the dominant work of the left hemisphere.

People of the 4th caste have an active (disinhibited) right hemisphere (left-handedness) and are able to directly modify their own mind (the objective reality).

The ability to interact with the outside world for the 1st level of the 4th caste means the ability to perceive (perceive, perceive) the energies emitted by living objects. This ability is called extrasensory perception. 

4.3. Evolution of the Personality.

4.3.1. The first caste.

Forms a maximum of radiation in the area of ​​the "red" Muladhara chakra.

The very first caste in which personality formation takes place is called "workers". A person as a person does not represent anything from himself, has no knowledge and education, but at a subconscious level (without hesitation) is capable of insights and the performance of absolutely right deeds.

The purpose of this caste is the formation of personality. These people have a large reserve of health and longevity. They have a very high resistance to disease (high immunity). These people are capable only of the simplest work, but they do it well, because they are not distracted from the work of the mind.

In the process of interaction with the outside world, they receive individual differences. Performing simple physical work helps them form a monad (soul) and is a condition for their development.

4.3.2. Second caste. The merchants.

The maximum energy is in the region of the sexual chakra of the Swadhistana in the "orange" frequency range.

Having formed a monad, the consciousness of a person falls into the circle of the same consciousnesses. The main occupation of people of the second caste is communication. Developing the art of communication, the people of this caste agree, receive new information.

Without producing a new material product, they live at the expense of the difference in the requirements for goods in different territories (ie, make sales). The main quality of these people is the art of negotiation.

4.3.3. Third caste. Warriors.

This caste is in the frequency range of the yellow Manipur chakra.

Having mastered the art of communication, a person begins to participate in building a society. At this stage, he learns to obey and subordinate. Will and strength of mind are developed. Warriors always test each other for stability. Warriors seek their place in the society. They control the two lower castes. Warriors become rulers and leaders of the human world.

4.3.4. Fourth caste. Sages.

This caste is in the frequency ranges of the four upper chakras (Anahata-Vishudha-Ajna-Sahasrara) and accordingly it is divided into four levels (podcasts). Common to all Sages (or traditionally "Magicians") is that their consciousness changes the objective reality.

The people of this caste have many differences from the people of the first three castes. The main difference can be called a different system of motivation. For people of the first three castes, the main motivation is the implementation of the program of procreation (life for the sake of children). For people of the fourth caste, personal development is the dominant factor.

At the same time, as the level (from 1 to 4) increases, the dependence on the society decreases, and the possibility of growing consciousness increases.

With the growth of the caste, the proportion between the physical body and the energy information structure of its surroundings changes in the direction of increasing the intangible information component in such a way that for the fourth level of the 4th caste the concept of birth and death disappears, these people are fully informational field structures (demiurges).

4.4. Man the Perfect. Development of the 4th Caste.

Speaking about the evolution of man on Earth, we can limit ourselves to the description of the first three castes of people and the fourth caste, which has four levels.

4.4.1. The first level of the fourth caste. Engineers, or psychics.

They are in the frequency range of the "green" energies of the Anahata chakra.

People who are on this segment of development, are engaged in the study of the sciences of the universe and its laws. Moving from theory to practice, they build some models and try to recreate them (the practical work of engineers).

However, by calculating models by known formulas, they begin, one way or another, to immerse their attention in the object of study. So the doctor involuntarily tries to feel the patient, although the diagnosis is based on the analyzes and symptoms of the directories, and the builder begins to feel the dynamics of the erected structure.

In other words, they begin to adjust themselves to the energies emitted by the studied object, and read them with their sensory fields (senses).

The experiments showed a high dependence of human states (sensitivity) on external weak physical fields. By focusing on external objects and studying their properties (classifying them), these people (psychics) compare their sensations with those or other objects. For example, a crack in the wall of the house creates inaudible vibrations of the ear, but the human body catches them, passing them upward (in the central nervous system) in the form of anxiety.

A similar feeling is experienced, for example, by a driver who has heard a new noise in the work of his car. Having experience of communication with different objects, psychics learn to analyze their feelings, linking their entire complex with this or that object. As a result of this development, people of this level read out radiated in a wide range of different energy objects, classify them and compare them with the information they accumulated.

For example, a doctor at this level will not understand that the wall of the house has a crack, but it feels like a "disease of the house," and that has a physiological rather than physiological character. On the other hand, an experienced test pilot (psychic) ​​will feel another person's cancer tumor, as a major malfunction of the "machine" and the need to urgently catapult.

4.4.2. The second level of the fourth caste. "Healers".

They are in the "blue" frequency range of the Vishuddha chakra.

People who are at this level of consciousness, not only feel the radiation of energy by other objects, but also are able to control their own radiations to such an extent that they can affect the change in the state of other objects. However, their total external energy is such that they can only affect complex systems (such as organisms) that are in nonequilibrium states (homeostasis principle). In this case, any disease can be regarded as a violation of equilibrium. The stronger the disease (more changes), the further the body from the equilibrium point and the more energy (in the form of radiation) it is necessary to attach to it to restore the balance (health). Therefore, the possibilities of "healers" (level designation) are always limited, but increase with development in caste.

4.4.3. Alchemists.

People of this level interact with the world in the range of the "blue" chakra, called (all chakra names are taken originally from the Indian tradition) Ajna (she is the Third Eye).

The energy of their energy (thin, or informational) body is so great that they are beyond the physical world.

Here you can draw an analogy with the human body: the brain is outside the trunk, but connected with it. We can say that the habitat of "alchemists" (the name of the level, not the profession) is phase-shifted relative to ours. For example, there is between two moments of our world. This space is traditionally called "Magonia" (also see Paradise, Valhalla, Bright World, Sky, etc.). In this space are several passages (analogous to the neck, connecting the head and body), called the Gate: Shambhala, Belovodie, Avalon and so on.

An analog of this world order is an atom. Electrons, depending on the amount of energy, form clouds that are at different distances from the nucleus and have different shapes: S, P, D, etc.

In shamanism (see shamanic tradition), our world is usually called "middle", located between the "lower" and "upper" world. By analogy with the electron clouds of the atom, we are in the middle shell between electrons with a smaller and higher energy. Departing in the process of the evolution of the personality into a higher frequency range, the personality passes from the middle world to the higher or lighter one.

People of this level are capable of powerful influence on external objects. Unlike low-power "healers", whose consciousness is able to change the state only in complex nonequilibrium systems, "alchemists" can work with simple static objects (inanimate objects). Their consciousness develops from the ability to act on macroobjects (telekinesis) to affect the molecular level (pyrokinesis and transformation), and further - to the atomic level (transmutation of elements).

4.4.4. The Etherlords.

The level of interaction lies in the frequency band of the "violet" Sahasrara chakra (the highest-frequency chakra).

These beings have their entire mass in the form of energy (thin, or informational body). That is, they do not have a physical (low-frequency) body and are similar in their properties to radio waves. These creatures are able to slow down (materialize) in any configuration (transformation into any form - analogy with molten metal, capable of assuming any form). These creatures can transmit themselves as a telegram to any point (teleportation). However, they are limited to the planet Earth, of which they are a part. Their evolution proceeds in increasing control objects from particular processes (for example, earthquakes or cyclones) to global ones (external radiation of the Earth and its interaction with other planets).

4.4.5. Wanderers (the term is taken from the works of the Strugatsky brothers).

These creatures are in the frequency range of the 8th chakra (see images of "Buddha with a tuft").

These creatures leave the Earth and are part of the consciousness of the solar system, representing for them a natural boundary (as an organism for the cells that make it up). Therefore, there is no point in talking about them here. It can only be said that this is a further and far from the last stage in the evolution of human consciousness.

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