Practice in the Scandinavian Tradition.

Practice in the Scandinavian Tradition.

The main idea of ​​the northern tradition is to collect oneself in the worlds of Yggdrasil, gaining the necessary qualities and going to Asgard.

Man is microcosmos, is a projection of the World Tree

When resonance with the Worlds of the Tree is restored, a person restores his strength, health and gains Divine qualities.

Healing in the Scandinavian tradition boils down to checking a person’s availability of a copy of the Worlds, what is missing, what qualities and refinement of the necessary aspects of strength and health through the Archetypes of Gods, Worlds, Power Artifacts and Runic flows of the worlds.

We study all this on a course of archetypal coaching.

The master of the northern tradition of the Club is capable of
1. To conduct an analysis at the level of which World Yggdrasil has a problem.
2. Strengthen the qualities of the right world for the person himself through the Runic flows of the Worlds Yggdrasil, Qualities of the Gods, Artifacts - objects of power of the Gods.
3. To reveal the meaning of why the difficulty arose or why the person is not ready to solve it.
4. Correct internal meanings to achieve the goal.
5. If necessary, conduct a ritual - the "northern mystery" to fix a person in the right state in accordance with the task.

In the format of the Northern Circles Yggdrasil we train

to tune in with the qualities of the Worlds of the Tree of Yggdrasil and the Gods of the Scandinavian pantheon.

The Arctic Circle. Motive: Ascent of Baldr.

We developed the Balder channel with Denis. He knows the subtleties and nuances of this channel. For questions, contact him. Hopefully someday he will guide you the Northern Circle with the settings for the Baldr Power Items.

The format is the classical work that I am going to include in the Channel of the Deity of the Scandinavian pantheon, attunement with the Worlds of the Tree Yggdrasil, harmonization of a person in accordance with the worlds and a background copy-book of the necessary qualities.

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