Runic Reiki Practical Exercises & Examples

Runic Reiki. Semester 1. Practical exercises and examples.

Runic Reiki. Level 1.

1. Setting "Treatment"

Find a partner with whom to regularly adjust treatment
(preferably several times a week)
Write down which areas of the body are most responsive to the setting

2. Setting "Intuition"
Train in transport - which door is better to enter, etc.
When setting up, you can search with a partner in which hand a coin, which image made up, etc.
Doing effortlessly, for training, constantly, we do not pay attention to the result! 

3. Protection setting
Train the inclusion of this setting in business communication, walking on the street, interacting with people. It is desirable to ensure that the desired state is switched on automatically. Track when you have lost the necessary resource state, at what point, what it is connected with and enable the setting. And also write separately for yourself situations when the inclusion of this setting will be most relevant for you.

4. Setting "Work with the situation"
Write out for yourself one or more situations that you want to work with.
It is advisable to fix / sketch this situation on a leaf in front of you and hang it on the wall in front of you - and when you look at the picture - use the “Work with situation” setting

Best of all, the settings are worked out in pairs (in a group).
I strongly recommend finding a partner and working out the settings together!

Fix your discoveries, achievements, finds and questions in the topic Reviews

Good luck 

Runic Reiki. Level 2.

1. Setting "Charging the subject."
To work out this setting, I recommend:
• Charge with "Treatment", "Cleansing", "Protection" liquid
and liquid dishes.
o The difference in taste is generally weak, not always well perceptible, but there is.
o To better track the difference, I recommend giving the setting a tasteful drink (herbal tea / compote, etc.)
• Charge the “Cleaning”, “Protection” furniture and wardrobe items

2. The setting "Activation of cash flow."
To work out this setting, I recommend:
• List on a leaflet all possible sources of income for yourself
• Write down how much you expect to receive from these sources.
per month / quarter.
• After working with the “Cash flow activation” setting, specify
how much are you ready and consider possible to receive for yourself

3. Setting "Cleaning people", "Cleaning the room."
To work out this setting, I recommend:
• Daily clean your room / apartment and
track changes in sensations from the room
• Apply Cleansing for yourself and others as well as the treatment setting.

4. The setting "Disruption of communication."
To work out this setting, I recommend:
• Perform Disruption Tune daily in the evening
• Prescribe a list of the most annoying phenomena in life, negative situations in the past of which there is memory
• Carry out the setting “Resolution of communications” for all negative circumstances that I would like to remove from my life.

Fix your discoveries, achievements, finds and questions in a group
Good luck 

Runic Reiki. Level 3.

To refine this setting, it is recommended:
first of all, start a Personal Book where you write down all the questions, goals and discoveries related to working on yourself and, in particular, using the Reiki Yggdrasil system

1. Setting "Destination"
• After turning on the “Destination” Settings - draw on paper your ideal future (a picture as a slide - what you do, where you are, who is around, etc.)
• When you turn on the “Destination” setting, prescribe the Maximum of your life (what would you like to do to say that “life has not been spent in vain”)
• Prescribe 10-12 options for possible activities that you plan to do in the near future (field of activity, business, leisure), and when you turn on the “Destination” setting, it feels like to select the 3 most appropriate for your possible Destination.

2. Setting "Emotion"

• Write down the factors, situations that annoy you the most in life (8-10 pcs.).
• Walk mentally, plunge one by one into these situations until you feel tension.
When recalling a situation, turn on the “Emotion” setting and track the change in state.
• Choose for a week which situations that cause your annoyance would you like to work out more. Write this in your Book.
• Monitor irritation situations throughout the day. Use the Emotion setting.
The list of annoying situations can be updated (written down) to take under. the control.
• For the most striking situations, you might think that in yourself, what kind of internal conflict and not acceptance gives a similar reaction.
• Try practically working with other people - turn on the setting when meeting aggressive people, for example, in transport.)

3. Setting "Activation"

• Create a weekly / daily action plan and enable the Activate setting when you think that events are not going very fast to speed up the process.
• Turn on the Activate setting for other people whose actions you expect.
4. Setting "Power"

• Come up with an idea and identify people - those who you need to implement it.
Bring your (any) idea to this person (group) so that the person believes in its realism, importance, necessity.
• In a society (in a free discussion), turn on the setting until you gain more credibility in the discussion.

5. Setting "Sexuality"

• Record how self-awareness and perceptions of other people change when you turn on this setting. What appears in you / is removed when setting "Sexuality". How the attitude to the world / behavior is changing.
• Turn on the setting when communicating with people, monitor the reaction of others.

6. Setting "Flight"

• Practice the practice of feeling outside the body.
Remember the feeling when you turn on this setting.
• Practice the mental shift of your double (double) around the room where you are. Remember / fix the sensations when the double is shifted and self-awareness in these areas.
• Practice the practice of taking doubles into adjacent rooms and observing
• Try shifting to any area of ​​space (photo)
• Move to the past (historical or yours)
• Move to the future - to the place where your goals are realized and see what road it is best to go to achieve this goal.

7. Setting "Intellect"
• Enable customization for complex tasks. Track sensations in social awareness.

8. Setting "Karma"
• Think about what internal stereotypes, your reactions are not optimal for you, intense,
write on the leaflet.
• Including the Karma setting, keep track of which processes, emotions, reactions are activated around.

Record your discoveries, achievements, finds and questions in the group. Good luck 

Runic Reiki. Level 4.

To refine this setting, it is recommended:
first of all, start a Personal Book where you write down all the questions, goals and discoveries related to working on yourself and, in particular, using the Reiki Yggdrasil system

1. Setting "Vision"
• Perform a self-test of your body, energy field before tuning and after turning on the tuning.
• Find anchor reactions for diagnosing the condition (warm-cold, dense-soft, easy-heavy, light dark, bright dull, loud-dull, sweet-sour, clear-foggy, etc.) These can be individual markers . Fix your markers for diagnosis.
• Turn on / off the vision setting several times a day (10+) for 3-5 minutes.
Track what is added in self-perception when you turn on the setting.
• Carry out a similar diagnosis of other people, objects.
Unsubscribe about your anchor system and perceptual characteristics.

2. Setting “Past Lives”

• Write down a group of egregors (groups of knowledge, skills, etc.) with whom you would like to get to know more, information whose skills to master.
• Feel how much you are built into these egregors already.
• Check how much you are strengthening communication with these egregors after turning on the setting.
Track your feelings after tuning.

3. “Create a situation” setting

• Select the situation you want to create and
which can be implemented within 2 weeks.
• Write a detailed description of the situation / result on the leaflet.
• Turn on the setting.
4. Setting "Knowledge"

• Identify the question that interests you, to which you want to receive an answer.
• Think about the options for obtaining information (where to find it).
• Start thinking, determine what you already know about the topic, and turn on the setting.

Record your discoveries, achievements, finds and questions in the group

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