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Some people were messaging me interested about the Runic Reiki Yggrasil System.

I made the brief description of this system.

Runic Reiki Yggdrasil - its not just about Runes and its not just about Reiki - its the Key in to the whole world of shamanism and Temple magic traditions, Temple Initiations into the Traditions of Scandinavian Culture, Ancient Greece, Egyptian Heritage, Western European Magic, Chines Healing and much more.

Reiki Yggdrasil - is the Key to Empower and open up your mental potentials during the Basic course (5 levels) - and you start of the journey to Ancient traditions of healing, magic and shamanism on thd higher level.

I am excited to teavh rhis system, because of the outstanding depth of the old cultures and practical implementation it to the upto date life tasks and personal growth.

I usually teach this system to russian-speaking part of the world only. So not much people in Americas got the chance to know these technologies. But as I recently moved to Canada I could start sharing it to the western part of the world.

My students in USA confirms that this system is far in front to the recent known systems.
And usually my students are the one that already got the experience in the energy world and they are enjoying of the beauty and powers of this system.

Reiki Yggdrasil is a few times stronger than the classical Usui Reiki, thats why the first Level od Reiki is provided in very light way for you to be able to synchronize with the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil Tree in Scandinavian Tradition) and later on, on the next levels of the system use the Powers of the Yggrasil Tree of Life in Scandinavian Heritage and the Tree of Life Systems in other world shamanic Traditions.

Here is the brief description of 5 basic levels.

Basic course is 5 levels.

And after the basic course you got basic understanding, skills and knowledges to study deeply ancient traditions, Runes, Tarot, Eastern Shamanism and Western Magic.

There is main 8 levels of Studying. With more level inside.
The wideness and deapth is compared to the University educations.

Detailed description of the system is here

To be honest, the most important and valuable education I am sharing goes through the Runic Reiki Yggdrasil System.

PART 1. Runes and Runic Technologies.

QUESTION: Does Runic Reiki empower our ability to simply trace in the air or visualize runes and use and understand the energy better as well as the tools?

ANSWER: Runes is the technology of highly developed past civilization
to activate the Powers and energies of the Planet in order to perform necessary healing or influence activities.
It activates the "mental computer" of the Planet Earth to perform necessary effects towards you or your clients.

Read more information on Planet Mental Computers research - here

Runic technologies may be used for different goals: healing, business, empowering your mind, developing extrasensual abilities etc.
Runic technologies were highly used by Germans hight officials during Second World War as well.

But in order to be able to "switch on" the Runes and perform necessary mind treatment, certain preparation is required.

The operator must have developed extrasensual abilities, may switch into different energy channels, control its flow by his mind cincentration as the instrument and stream the necessary flows to his goal or client needs.

Energy channels might be pretty wide, such as the Earth energy or Reiki channel. And they might be more concenrated, such as Runes or Tarot channels.

Thats why Runic Reiki is for.
At the first level (semester) of education you develop your extrasensual skills.You got ability to switch into different energy channels, such as money stream, healing, sexuality, intuition etc. And you study how to use the General Runic channel as well as the Channels of Ancient Gods.
After the five levels of Initiation and seminars you got the Degree of the Master of Runic Reiki and will be able to perform healing on the higher and more advanced level.

Runic Reki system after the first semester greatly empowers your mind so you can increase extrasensual skills, visualize symbols and heal. But the goal is not just a visualization but a really tuning into the channels that are studying and the one that you got personal initiation in by the
Instructor of Runic Reiki.

After the First Semester you will be able ro start studying more advanced shamanic technologies (Second Semester), such as specific Runes streams, Runic magic, Sephirotic Tarot streams magic, Egyptian magic, Indian Heritage, Greek mysteries etc.

After the Second Semester you can get the status of Instructor of Runic Reiki and start sharing these texhnologies with other people, teach them, increasing your team of practicioners.

PART 2. Educational System in Runic Reiki. FAQ.

QUESTION 2: Does the attunement come from a person, or is a self attunement?
I never got much out of these "sit down and meditate for 30 min after a prayer and you will attune yourself to this" style attunements.

ANSWER: The education in Runuc Reiki is held only from the Master to the student! It can be provided online or offline, in groups or in personal.

We see the education process as the system of initiation into Runic Reiki levels, that includes different energy channels as the tool you can switch into and work with.
We provide with guidence and materials for you to practice and develop your skills.

The free first level initiation in Runix Reiki is usually done in real time through whatsup.

Students that are studying Runic Reiki in the Academy got personal education online through sqype (1 hour personal education and inituation for each level).
First semester combines 5 levels of education (5 unitiations).

Also we organize Runic Reiki retreats in Asia in winter where everybody is welcomed to join. Its easier to start online.

The educational technology in Runic Reiki is based on the information, skills that are writen on your unconsciousness level through initiation that are opened up through the hours of practice we will organize you.

QUESTION: is it advised, like Usui Reiki, that one take plenty of time between levels? 
ANSWER: The usual ritm of education between levels (initiations) in Runic Reiki system is one week.
So the basic, Master program in Runic Reiki system will take you about 5 weeks to complete into the Master's level.
There are a few reasons.
1. One week is enough to get to know the tunes and start practice. 
2. To get all initiations in one day might blow your mind, so 1 week period is enough if you are ready for changes.
3. On other side, it would be much easier to understand the tunings of current level from higher steps. So we would recommend not to sit and wait at one level forever until it gets good enough. It never does. 
To master the tunings of the current level you need to be familliar and start practicing tunings of the higher levels. So that would make the tasks and excercises of the current level more easy and undestandable for you. Thats why we think 1-week rithm is the good enough to keep you excited and stimulate practice.

QUESTION: Does a master level attunement to Usui Reiki help even further?
ANSWER: Any energy practice would be helpful. As much the better. We might recommend you to be the master of Usui Reiki, Tantra Reiki, Kundalini Reiki as well.
Any practice and initiation of this kind increase you energy potentials, your extrasensual abilities. 
But. In Runic Reiki system it is not necessary for you to know other Reiki Systems. The principles Tunings of Usui Reiki, Tantra Reiki, Kundalini Reiki ets are included already in Runic Reiki system.
Even more. In this system you are studying not only how to feel that, but how to combine them with each other, following your needs. How to make up your own spells based on different mental technologies.
Runic Reiki system was highly appreciated by the Masters of Reiki System and they usually switch finally into Runic Reiki system, as it is more wide and comprehensive.
The only advice.
Its good to practice by yourself
but its would be even better if you would be possible for you to get a partner for practice.

QUESTION: Does Runic Reiki system naturally encourage being able to see chakras, auras, cords, at the higher levels- a way to practice doing so maybe?

ANSWER: Yes. 4th Level of Runic Reiki provides potential to increase your vision of chakras, auras etc.
4th level of Runic Reiki is focused on increasing extrasensual abilities.
However it need to mention that 4th Level Runic Reiki tunings may increase your extrasenesual abilities comparing to your basic level. So its necessary to practice personally to enhance your basic level.
But the Runic Reiki System in general was made to provide you with technologies of practice
to increase your basic potential. And  your extrasensual abilities are growing up from level to level up of education in Runic Reiki.

It need to be mentioned, Magic Studied - its a long way and hard path
that requires pretty much personal practice,
to sharpen your skills and getting closer into Runus and Runic Magic.

If you got any more questions please ask.

Thank you for your requests.

Magister of Runic Reiki
Senior manager of Runic Academy
World Heritage Insitute.

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