Level 7. Slavic Magic & Shamanism


Transformational Therapy
Myths, legends and tales. Slavic shamanism of dreams. Ancient traditions of healing.

The power of fairy tales and legends. Transformational Mysteries.

Principle Program:

  • Slavic Magic Medicine (3 levels) - 3 credits.
    Slavic Magic
    Legends and Dreams
    Civilizations & Storyhealing
  • Helpers – Ifritas - 1 credit


  • Slavic Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Shamanic Constellations Study Program - 4 credits
  • Visual Hypnotherapy & Symboldrama study program - 4 credit

Block "Slavic Magic" in Reiki-Yggdrasil - 1 step:

Slavic magic - a journey through the inner World and the expansion of this inner world outside. The base in the block “Slavic magic in Reiki-Yggdrasil” is primarily a technique of witchcraft, it must be borne in mind that “witchcraft” means KOLODUN - the one who spends time, the one who binds time. Sorcerers are those who connect the race of people living with those who have died, and also connect the world below the line and our world.

At the first step of the Slavic Magic block in Reiki-Yggdrasil, we work with the energy structure of a person, heal ourselves, and fill us with energy.

Block Settings:

Cessation - allows you to unravel emotional blockages, clear the mind of the consequences of experiences.
Conspiracy Word - allows you to create your own conspiracy and influence existing ones.
Remove Gevura - removes the core of the blockage, which was formed as a result of human exposure, getting rid of damage, curse or love spell.
Requirements and Glorifications - allows you to work with the gods, as well as with the forces of the Elements.

Block "Slavic Magic" in Reiki-Yggdrasil - 2 level:

When working with this unit, work with the world occurs, a set of energy from this world and a journey.

Middle world
In this world, it is necessary to work out the very entrance to the space of the Middle World and take the energy structure of this Stone and go through it to other worlds.


Vedagon - gives tuning to the highest (or future) ally.
Alatyr-stone - enhances the inclusion in the information flows of the world. Enhances the impact of any thought forms, conspiracies.
Dead water - purifies the energy.
Living water - gives a boost of vitality.
The lower world The task is to go down to this world, and gather there yourself or another person into a single whole.
Bring back the soul - includes energoinformational filling of the empty parts of the cocoon.
Highland world. Mountain world - Iry - this is the world of ancestors. Going to the ancestors, we strengthen contact with a cleaner structure of its kind. Thanks to this, they begin to help us, guide, talk about our mission.
Setting: Ancestors - increases the frequency of the genus, gives the help of ancestors. Allows you to manage a generic egregore.

Civilization block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The block of Civilization is the stages of spiritual and social development. The block’s practices allow you to speed up processes and learn how to remove negative reactions (automatism) to conditioned stimuli, allows you to learn how to defend yourself from vampirism and stop being a vampire yourself.

Using this block, you can develop the necessary qualities for the successful development of the personality.

The block uses examples of behavior models from A.S. Pushkin

Block Settings:

Civilizations - inclusion in the right civilization.
Remove automatism - the setting allows you to get out from under the energy take-off and remove automatism
The nomenclature of Civilization - the development of the necessary qualities for more successful development
Sidhi of Civilization - the maximum manifestation of Civilization

Ifrit block in Reiki Yggdrasil

Ifrites are energy-informational creatures created to solve certain problems.

Block Settings:

Protective ifrit - eats up aggressive low-frequency energy, switches the attention of the attacker. May cause warning effects.
Natural Ifrit:
Earthlings can engage in the structuring of energy flows, financial issues.
Water - treatment, correction of the past, karmic tasks.
Fiery - a set of energy, treatment, work with situations, communication, leadership, attracting people.
Aerial - affect the events of the future. Good luck, the best way, the development of the best development of events.
Information ifrit - is included in the information channels, receive, process information. Improves memory, reminds of something. Increases learning ability.
Ifrites - Conductors:
Guide to the goal - it stimulates you to move towards the goal, activates, helps to concentrate, receive information, plan, perform necessary actions, create favorable circumstances.
The vehicle of thought - allows you to do mental work.
Guide to the worlds - helps to travel in subtle bodies.
Ifrites - Regulators - Ifritis charisma regulator, Ifrit relations regulator, Ifrit luck regulator.

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