Temple Energy Healing & Support Marathons

This is the outsanding program of Personal energy cleansing, and temple therapy.

It costs only 50 usd per 5 days of group therapy mediations.

5 days you will be receiving Temple energy channeling, healing sessions.

It is recommended to use temple healing to work with

  • depression
  • anxciety
  • lack of energy
  • sleep disorders
  • when you neem more energy for motivation
  • when you need energy to proceed in your business goals or relationships.

Temple healing energy sessions and meditations will provide you with extra care and support.


- Program is 5 days.
- You will get daily healing guided meditations at the certain time.
- You can relax, listen to the meditation and receive energy therapy session.
- Session is usually aroun 30 minutes long.

- 100 usd - personal session (5 days)
- 50 usd - group session, 3-6 person (5 days).

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