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People keep asking me what is the BEST SHAMANIC System to study.

I would personally recommend to study the Temple Heritage of
- Ancient Egypt and
- Ancient Greece

But as the first step it would be the good idea to start studying Reiki Systems do develop extrasensual abilities.

There are a few systems I could recomment to study.

Number 1 - is Runic Reiki Yggdrasil System.

This one is completely make break through and enhance mental potentials.
Reiky Yggdrasil is the most comprehensive system.

Number 2 - Kundalini Reiki system.
It opens up the energy channels inside your body and increase your extrasensual abilities.

Number 3 - is Tantra Reiki.
It is just a beautiful energy flow that gives more delight and harmony into your life.

PS. Sudying Reiki Systems - is the good start to enter the world of healing, magic & shamanism.
Proposed non-traditional Reiki Systems are more powerful, represent needs of the present-day.

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