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Kundalini Reiki is a simple and effective spiritual healing and self-development tool! It is a much stronger version of traditional ‘Usui Reiki’ and it doesn’t require the hand positions and symbols. Kundalini Reiki is a different form of energy than traditional Usui Reiki. This is because it combines the Kundalini Energy (energy from the earth) along with the Reiki energy. This makes it much more effective and reduces the time needed to channel this energy.

When a person receives all 3 Kundalini Reiki ‘attunements’ they then become a Kundalini Reiki Master. The attunement is a way of using energy to awaken and allow the practitioner to awaken their Kundalini Flame and to also gain access to the Usui or traditional Reiki Band of energies.

Kundalini energy is energy from the earth and is said to travel from the root chakra in multiple snake-like movements up the body out of the top of the head.

There are many different supportive healing energies you can receive or become a ‘Master’ off, traditional Reiki is just one of the most famous types. Each healing system will have different qualities. They may be more suited to healing certain things or be different in the way they feel or the process in which they help serve the client. Each healing modality has its own unique flavour or quality.

Kundalini Reiki is a rather empowering form of Reiki and is great for personal success, energy and ‘going in’ and healing issues you may be dealing with. It gives you a range of functions and is able to help with most intentions. A typical Kundalini Reiki session is often short as the energy stops sending after 5 mins (whilst the recipient may feel the energy lasting a little longer than that).

Part of the reason for its short length is that it is 300 times stronger than traditional Usui Reiki Healing! The reason for this is that the Kundalini flame coming from the earth energies greatly strengthens the Reiki energy coming from the godhead/universe/heavens.

Kundalini Reiki Description - download free there: http://www.bahaistudies.net/asma/kundalini_reiki_manual.pdf

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