Osiris Energy Healing Marathon


People asked me to held healing and energy cleaning practices Marathon.

Recently people were telling about the lack of energy, emotional stresses and need to recover their energy back.

Lets do something interesting.

Soon I will be helding Marathon of Egyptian healing.

You will be able to get the first Initiation into Osiris Egyptian God energies.

And we will do 3-days practice with the deep chakras Energy cleaning, protection and recovering from bad influence!

Its online or offline. We can choose the best time and days to do it.

The participation in Healing marathon and Osiris Initiation is....

If you are interested to participate, send the message and I will add you to the group of participants.

PS. For those who are interested in studying Egyptian heritage I am helding 1-year Study Program of Sacral Initiations into Egyptian Temple Magic. But we can start with the short healing marathon first.


What is the Energy Healing Marathon.

It is the short healing practice, that is performed under the Gods Channels.

The next Marathon will be performed under the Osiris God of Egyptian Tradition.

Marathon includes clearing and protection energy streams
It will be performed over the chakras to heal and empower you.

You will be able to get the basic initiation into the Osiris God Channel and got energy cleaning and protectiin session. Marathon is held within Yggdrasil Reiki system stream.

After the marathon if you like - you will be able to continue to the advanced High Egyption Temple Magic program.

The program would be held in the online audio-messages format. You can participate any time from anywhere.

To participate in the Osiris Healing Marathon welcome to join the group:

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