Amun Ra Initiation

Wisdom of Ancient Egypt. The power of Ra.

INTRODUCTION Eternal beauty of RA.
Who wants to touch the power and beauty of Eternity, take their affairs, business, life, health to a new level - welcome to the Hypnocoaching Course: The Power of the Sun of Egypt.
Archetypes of Ancient Egypt
They keep the standards of beauty, health, right deeds that lead to a standard life, complete harmony and well-being in relationships, deeds, love.
On the course of hypnocoaching in the tradition of Ancient Egypt, you will be able to rebuild your life with the standards of harmony of purity.
We will be able to go through a deep attunement with ourselves at the level of subtle bodies: Ka, Ba, Ib, Haybid.
We will restore the integrity of thoughts, deeds and desires.
Let us return the understanding of the syyslov of life and the Impulse of Intention.
We can find new ideas for your goals and accomplishments.
Ancient Egypt keeps the standards of the wisdom of eternity and each time they are turned to again, in times of crises and trials.

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