Module 2. Advanced Healing Program.

Healing block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The name of the block comes from the word “whole”, “whole”. In this block, a person is being studied at different frequencies and structures for full, harmonious contact with the world.

Block Settings:

  • Chakras - there is an interaction of all subtle bodies with the elaboration of each chakra, each subtle body individually. Synchronization with all subtle bodies and on the basis of this amplification of energy.
  • U-Sin - work is ongoing not just with all organs, but the person’s synchronization with the seasons, seasons, various energies that we eat, breathe, and see around us.
  • Meridians — synchronization of a person according to annual, monthly, hourly rhythms and integration due to this into the world starts. A stable, integral human structure is formed. There is an impact on the organs and systems of the human body through the meridians corresponding to Chinese medicine.
  • Hypnosis - the ability to establish contact with one’s subconscious, to influence and fix positive attitudes, eliminate negative programs, interact with the unconscious, i.e. synchronization with the Genius of the Earth, with the Consciousness of the planet for better work. 

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