Session 2. Love & Sex Constellations.

Next class: Sex & Family constellation.

I am greatful to the group today.
The Eros topic of constellations lights up the interesting issues of love, self love, care, share, childbirth, relationships with opposit sex, past traumas.

Lets continue our investigation.

Our next class will be focusing on the topic of Sex.

Is thare any shame?
Is there any hidden desires?
Are there any limitations?
Was there traumas need to be healed?
Is there any resoursec hidden and needed?
Where is the sourse masculine and feminine power.
Any familly messages that blocks this energy.
What stops you to enjoy this energies freely?
What stops you to desire, being desirable,
To enjoy your sex and life fully as you deserve.

Everybody will be able to get the personal constellation.

Suggested donation for the personal constellation 250 mx or video testimonial. For other participants and helpers - free entrance.

Send a message if you are interested to join.

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