Session 5. Freedom & Connection

Guys, there is one more interesting topic we could explore: Love & freedom

What are you really looking for? Is it love or freedom?

Some people looking for love but run away as soon as it gets possible, prefering freedom.

Why freedom is so important? What are you afraid to lose?
What are you afraid of in relationships that push you towards freedom instead of connections.

This constellations shows up the most important feers that stops you from making the family and relationships you are looking forward.

If you are interested to explore, sign up for the group or private session.

Today i just held a private constellation on Love & Freedom topic. It was prominent.

Sometimes it shows people need acceptance of parents to build personal relationship.
But what to do if you have never seen some of your parents? or there was the conflicts inside your family and you stucked as the teenagers boy/ girl.

That we will be exploring through Love & Freedom constellation. Thank you for interest

Guys on Wednesday we will have our Freedom & Connection - Family Constellation workshop.

Family constellation workshop - is the class, where everybody could participate and get their own small constellation on the topic of the class.

Everybody will participate in the group Archetypical constellation

The topic for the next Wednesday, 25th of May was choosen Freedom & Connection

We will explore:
- do you prefer freedom or connection
- are there any fears/ rejections/ guilt or shame that stops you from making loveable connections
- is there anything that stops you to creating the family relationships that you are enjpying.
- are there any obstacle to create deeper relationship with friends and beloved
- why is the freedom so important for you
- or opposite, are you escaping freedom? Are you escaping changes?
- is there something bad that might happens with the changes you are afraid of?
- is there someone you are always afraid to lose? Someone very important for you?

What is the biggest fear for you, connections or freedom?

We will explore this topic for you through
- Group Archetypical Constellation
- Personal Family Constellations exercises.

Freedom & Connection
(Family Constellations).

Why we are searhing for freedom?
What are the connections in your life that are so painful to have so we prefer to keep freedom.

Is it about your father? Mother? Previous sexual partner? Child stories? Etc?

We will explore slowly and heal carefully the past traumas through Archetypical Family Constellations.

Every participant of the workshop will get two small personal constellations!

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