Module 2. The Beauty of Love. Greek Mysteries.

Mysteries of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Hermetic Tradition. Zodiac.
Real European and world culture is based on the ancient Greek archetypes of love and power.
Holistic therapy based on Greek archetypes is valuable for topics such as beauty, love and relationships.
We will study the Roman-Greek heritage (through mythology, art, traditions), and you will receive a powerful impetus and tool for the practice of holistic development.
We will also study the peculiarities of hermetic knowledge, the Greek zodiac and planetary magic.
Awakening of sensuality, the beauty of emotions,
body, mind, soul - this is one of the greatest treasures in the Greek tradition. The pantheon of Gods and Goddesses enriches and strengthens this standard. Tantric Dionysian mysteries help in opening and bringing into life the beauty and awakening of the mind.

Block "ZODIAC" in Reiki-Yggdrasil

This block allows you to use the energies of the planets, constellations, and through them to influence your body and consciousness, as well as recognize your strengths and strengthen them. The basis of the block is tuning to various energies that are in the Genius of the Earth. Cosmic energy affects us only through the Geniuses of the Earth: through the planets of the solar system, magnetic fields, information and certain egregors that have already formed on Earth.

Block Settings:

Planets - tuning to the energies of the planets, enhancing potential, increasing energy.
Constellations - human behavior in life, impact on events and patterns of behavior.
Adam Kadmon - embedding planets and constellations in human energy, strengthening social realization.
Geniuses are certain energies that are in every sign of the zodiac.
Homonyms - shaping the future, helping to tune in the energy of the offonym.

Money Magic Block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The block is based on the so-called “Jacob's Ladder”. In the parable, Jacob saw a staircase leading to God. In our case, this is God in charge of finances. Approaching him, that is, climbing the stairs, a person who performs certain tasks acquires new skills and thus changes. On the steps of this block of “Money Magic” there is a feeling of “attunement” with the financial flows that exist on Earth.

 Stage 1 DM - increasing sensitivity to financial flows.
 Stage 2 DM - tracking the flow of money. Cash connections. Pulling money
 Stage 3 DM - Change the amount of money.

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