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Course 3. Wisdom of Ancient Egypt. The power of Ra.

INTRODUCTION Eternal beauty of RA.
Who wants to touch the power and beauty of Eternity, take their affairs, business, life, health to a new level - welcome to the Hypnocoaching Course: The Power of the Sun of Egypt.
Archetypes of Ancient Egypt
They keep the standards of beauty, health, right deeds that lead to a standard life, complete harmony and well-being in relationships, deeds, love.
On the course of hypnocoaching in the tradition of Ancient Egypt, you will be able to rebuild your life with the standards of harmony of purity.
We will be able to go through a deep attunement with ourselves at the level of subtle bodies: Ka, Ba, Ib, Haybid.
We will restore the integrity of thoughts, deeds and desires.
Let us return the understanding of the syyslov of life and the Impulse of Intention.
We can find new ideas for your goals and accomplishments.
Ancient Egypt keeps the standards of the wisdom of eternity and each time they are turned to again, in times of crises and trials.
NOTE. Temple of Horus at Edfu.
Here you can touch the Horus channel.
Horus, Horus is translated as the highest, highest, unattainable, one who is high. Horus is the ruler of the world.
He is the one whose gaze is resolute, and whose thought is magnificent, fiery and lightning fast.
Horus creates the world with his eyes and with his creativity revives the Father, Osiris.
In the sumptuous triumph of a worthy creation, Horus is synchronized with the Father, with the primal impulse and power of his being.
This "creativity" can be anything.
Your work, hobbies, food, clothes, relationships - all manifestations of your life.
By synchronizing with the Horus Archetype, we add even more scope, height and depth to your life, deeds and everything that is important to you.
With such an attunement, you can give a new impetus to the development of your business, relationships and life in general.
Through the archetypal constellation, we will be able to find where you have blocks to work with the Channel of Horus.
And through Hypnocoaching, we will be able to enter into resonance with these ancient archetypal standards.

Overview of the Key Channels of Ancient Egypt.
Power of Ra Course (Hypnocoaching and Archetypal Therapy).
1. First meeting
Maat. The strings of creation.
Maat is the Great Mother. Truth.
The threads of the feathers of her wings cover the universe.
Everything that exists lives and flourishes according to its laws.
If you are in sync with the melody of Truth, all your deeds flourish.
If the Truth has ended in your affairs, life melts and processes slow down.
At the First meeting with Maat, we will analyze whether you are following the paths of truth and in what areas, thoughts, desires and deeds you are not in sync with the Laws of Fate and we will try to find a way to straighten the Path.
2. Second meeting with Maat.
The path of the heart. Ib.
The heart in the Tradition of Ancient Egypt is what guides all our actions and aspirations.
These are values ​​and true desires.
At the meeting, we will try to get to the feeling of ourselves, our inner, childish part, her real desires and dreams.
We will try to discover and awaken true desires and build according to them the further goals of life.
We restore the body of the Heart (Ib).
3. Third Meeting. Judgment of Osiris.
To be born in a new quality, you need to die in your old principles, approaches, actions, beliefs.
Osiris is the Father of Life.
He is the one who gives impetus to the new and cuts off the superfluous, obsolete.
If you want to understand and leave what prevents you from moving on, this can be done at the Third meeting, the Court of Osiris.
We restore the body of Consciousness (Ba).
4. Fourth meeting.
Osiris is a symbol of life and death.
He is the one who gives life.
His impulse, his Power begins to fill all the affairs and events.
To return your Force, your impulse of creation, the energy of life - this is the task of the next meeting.
We will analyze what Life-Death is in your system.
Let us clarify what prevents you from fully absorbing the power of life and help you unfold your actions, meanings in such a way that you can more fully open up to life and the new opportunities that come into your life.
We restore the power of life (Ka).
5. Encounter with Horus
Governing body.
Your highest manifestation in the World is reflected through the son of Osiris, Horus.
This mystery will help you to identify your key fears, blocks of limitation that hold back the increase of potentials, remove restrictions for greater disclosure of your potentials.
Restoring the Shadow, the body of deeds (Haibid).
6. Meeting with Isis.
When you need to ask for advice, find a non-trivial solution, a cunning scheme, an approach, develop a business, we work with the Isis Archetype.
The wisdom, clarity and virtuosity of this Channel helps to find solutions in the most confusing situations.
Restoring the Shadow, the body of deeds (Haibid).
7. Meeting with Min.
The flowering of creation.
The energies of fertility in the Egyptian tradition were personified by the Channel of Mina. We will try to strengthen your connection with the energy of creativity.
Give the opportunity to manifest this force in your affairs.
We restore the power of life (Ka).


8. Fullness of Life.
Meeting with Tefnut and Hathor.
Tefnut is the moisture of creation, its energy, its potential.
This is the power of life.
This is what fills your events and deeds.
Hathor is the House of Horus, the Divine cow.
Working with this channel, you are immersed in milky baths that nourish the germ of any idea.
They nourish life, restore strength, heal wounds.
You receive a sip of Divine milk that leads to the stars.
Recovery body of Light (Sah)
9. Meeting with Thoth.
New Horizons.
That. Keeper of Wisdom.
When you need to find advice, a hint, an answer, they turn to Thoth.
It was Thoth who found ways to cope with the most difficult tasks.
He solved those tasks that other forces were not able to cope with.
At the Meeting with Thoth, we will try to clear false thoughts and find clues on which way to go next.
Dear destination.
Restoring the body of the Spirit (Hu).
10. Meeting with Ra.
Maximum life.
Great meeting with the First Father.
Ra is the father of the gods.
It is he who sets the impetus for all the forces of creation.
It is he who fights Chaos and keeps order.
It is he who is the basis of life.
Attunement with the Ra Archetype gives the disclosure of maximum strength in all endeavors.
Helps to scale up your business and ideas.
Restoring the body of the Name (Ren).
Restoration of the body of Life (Sekhem).
The program is designed for 10 initiation meetings.
Each meeting includes
1) an archetypal arrangement to identify strengths, weaknesses and points of development in your question
2) initiation and work with archetypes by the method of hypnocoaching.
Each such meeting will have a profound impact and change lives.
Work individually with your question.

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