Tao Runic Reiki Yggdrasil Testimonials



William, San Diego, USA May 5, 2020 at 01:06 am

I have been pleasantly surprised at every step of the way with Reiki Yggdrasil. Not only did it show me how proficient I already was at some things I simply didn't have the confidence to do before, but the energy showed me new, powerful ways of doing things by direct experience. From level 2 on I began to feel my being becoming more and more saturated with runic energy, rune magic became easier to perform, as complexes, blocks of all kinds began to fall away, situations improved, my outlook and hopefulness in life changed drastically. At times even a little overwhelming feeling. I am particularly happy about the self healing capabilities of the system. Since the energy comes more from Sahasrara than through energy channels, it is very possible to do things that basically can't be done with Usui reiki. Some setting begin to turn on automatically as needed, flight goes with your intent, vision, intuition, protection. With every level of initiation the previous levels get stronger particulary after the Master level.

I feel that working with Andrei is a great choice, high quality teaching is important to get the most out of this system- there are no tunings that don't work or that I don't feel, only ones to get more deeply into, understand better, command more firmly. In addition in working with Andrei the transmission of his energy seems to have a very positive, focusing effect on me, stripping away extraneous doubts and diversions and centering me firmly in the moment. Something to develop more.

The energy is very purposeful and adds up to a comprehensive effect within the practitioner that we can then transmit. Some things begin to roll out on their own after a while. The blocking frequency I feel is misunderstood by other reviewers but a very necessary safeguard especially when working with other magic and sources of energy. It is extremely important to be able to decrease the bounds of consciousness and dampen resonant energy flows if necessary and it was felt as a surprise and blessing when this tuning was shared, since I didn't know it did that.

Favorite settings: Connection with world, connection with the gods, blocking frequency, knowledge, sexuality, cleaning, destruction of connections, defense, treatment, power, intuition, past lives, money stream activation, activation, vision, work on situation, emotion, intellect.

I think that's almost all of them..

Practical results: began to save money and put into place a mid term, developing business plan which is going well. Increased energy of attraction, women begin to stand closer to me, touch me, to flirt. Undeniable increased amount of control over reality. Improving health habits. Release of pains, internal tensions, karmic patterns begin to fall away. Harmful blocks to money begin to leave. Success in writing subconscious skills of 3 kinds so far. Removal of several different types of energy damage, cleansed Swadisthan. Energy body becoming like a tank. If in a situation before I felt vulnerable, now I feel secure, unaffected. Confidence in life is increasing.


Inessa Romanenko Apr 26, 2011 at 8:22 am

Reiki is generally a magic system)). Working with this energy had given me the opportunity for some time to stop the inner monologue, thus harmonizing the internal state ... But ReikiYggdrasil discovered a new world in general !!! As you moved up the stairs, you did not leave the feeling that you were being led along a magical corridor, in which more and more new doors were opening ... Behind each of them are new resource techniques and states .... Settings are arranged in ascending order capacity and complexity. It was not always easy to go, but very interesting !!! With each setting, I felt how the flow is structured, saturated, and then - it is calibrated in a special way ... There are settings that I use every day, for example, Treatment - someone from my relatives has a sore throat, but I have to go to work and The temperature did not rise, I turn on the setting, I spend on them, and it turns out to "intercept" the state of the onset of the disease ... I often and often work with situations. But most of all, of course, it turned out to work out your fear of change)) Practicing "Destruction of communication" began to "emerge" and manifest so many people surrounded !!! Moreover, those who never let go close - suddenly made a lot of positive changes in my life. And those with whom she had been around for many years and was emotionally attached to them, suddenly (?) SO "manifested", with SUCH an unexpected side, which surprised me immensely))) ... I suppose everything that is superfluous will continue to be "cleaned up" from my life, but NOW it is no longer something that is NOT SCARY, but on the contrary - I help and assist Reiki with all my soul and energy)) ... More interestingly, Karma works for me. Including her, once the information came that one of the people with whom I, willy-nilly, have to periodically communicate for 12 years, is a person from the "past life". And like we did not share. but we dislike each other .... So now, the information came that in a past life I, apparently, killed her somewhere in a battle)) but in this life she does not remember it .. but for some reason we are with each other We have been competing for 12 years)) ...

Thank you so much for the course !!! The world outlook has changed dramatically !!! And changes in life are still happening)


Eugene May 4th, 2011 at 1:02



I want to thank Nikolai Zhuravlev for creating such an effective mechanism for achieving life goals,

Reiki Yggdrasil - able to change life, repeatedly strengthen the ability of a person to activate the potential that is in everyone. Thanks you ;)

I thank Master Reiki-Yggdrasil , my comrade and just a good man - Andrey, in a short time, as comfortably as possible, Andrey was able to transfer knowledge and helped to build up skills to use the Reiki-Yggdrasil system ;

Especially I want to note that the classes were held in a positive, harmonious atmosphere, optimally combined with work with the group as a whole, and individual work with the master, as well as the group members had the opportunity to work with each other - which contributed to the development of the Reiki-Yggdrasil system .

Thank you - what have you done for me, it is very important, and I thank you for it;)

Special thanks to Kristine, we almost daily exchanged the experience gained in using the settings, suggested and sent each other , accumulated the necessary experience;) Working in pairs is very important and necessary ! !!

Thank you for taking this important, interesting, and magical path together;)

And of course, thanks to all the guys and girls with whom I was trained in the training program for MASTERS of the Reiki-Yggdrasil system ;) PASSION);)


Now about the results;)

The system is very strong, efficient, and quite soft.

It was possible to gain the skill of applying all the settings from each level .

Everything works ! !! Managed to completely change the interaction with the world;) There was a completely new feeling of life, as if you woke up after a long sleep;)

Now for me there is no such thing as a PAIN .

I became the master of my life.

After passing through the five stages - you can quite gently but absolutely specifically change the reality.

I want to say a lot about the Reiki Yggdrasil system , I want to share my experience, describe in detail the process of working out each setting, and much more, and I will definitely do it;)

In the meantime, ALL THANK YOU VERY MUCH;)))))))))))))))))))))


Christina Jun 20 , 2011 at 12:01 am

I am very happy and grateful to the higher forces that led me to the path of Reiki Yggdrasil . They appeared in my life at the very moment when they were needed, they were given to me quite easily, as if I knew it before, I just didn’t use it for some reason) They opened me a new one) I would compare it with an exciting journey to a magical world - where you are a real magician, and you have a magic wand in your hands! *

Reiki is very very About chen help me in my life) Since elementary performances desires to create situations and circumstances of charitable view, finishing overall harmonizing internal state. And not only internal, I feel like people who are prone to aggression and tension, in my society become more peaceful, lighter ... Yggdrasil is a very bright road to the future, opening all the doors of the desired.

As for the favorite settings ... They are all favorite. Everything works great.

For working questions, I often use sexuality, power, intellect and intuition.

For the exams, I connect everything that is possible, starting with the fact that everything is charging around, objects, props, air, cleaning, ending with all the settings for knowledge, intuition, hall assistance ( sometimes I fly to past lives, there are some who to consult with) and all that stuff. While below the five was not)

In general, my life has changed very dramatically with the advent of this system. In my life, around me are MY wonderful people who fill life with colors and positive energy. Unnecessary connections are broken. I began to better understand my place in life, my goals.

I feel happier. I know that I can do anything) And now when they say to me "Christina, how are you always so lucky?" I smile and think to myself that I have already met the Lady Luckpersonally and we cooperate with her. :)

Reiki Yggdrasil is an infinitely unexplored, alluring and truly magical system that conceals behind its doors I think there are still a lot of pleasant surprises. ;)

Thank. <3


Lyudmila Jun 21 , 2011 at 10:12 am

First of all, I want to thank you, Andrew, for the great desire to share with us my knowledge and best practices !!!!! And of course, all the guys with whom the training took place. You are wonderful !!!!! And I already miss you))))))

Reiki is really a very soft system, very eco-friendly and selective. There are settings that are "turned on" already on automatism: protection, purification, treatment, intuition. There are settings that you want to play with: sexuality, power, charging items, past lives)))). There are settings, which relate more closely: karma, break ties, vision, communication with the world, communicate with the gods. After becoming acquainted with this system and its practical application, the perception of reality expanded, especially in the kinesthetic channel. Significantly faster the awareness of their own elastase derived, there are more opportunities in working with clients. Very interesting and useful "map" of the world))))), which expands the possibilities of influence on the current reality.

And once again - huge to all the participants of the training, Masters and you Andrew !!! THANK YOU AND THANKS !!!! All light and good weather ! !!!


Alena Aruni Jul 3 , 2011 at 4:44 pm

Thank God! and Namaste all! ;) For me, first of all, the ethics of any system is important. And Reiki Yggdrasil perfectly fit into my picture of the world. Real magic is when changing yourself for the better, you change your World. For me, the results of healing for both myself and friends turned out to be impressive . Another favorite setting was to work with the situation ... In general, like to combine all sorts of settings. The overall feel of working with the system - seals required events, what was going and planned long ago realized nmnogo faster and new unexpected pleasant situation, the information ... You do not even have time to formulate what you need, and you are already ... Like Now always on-line with God)))))))))))


Anna September 6, 2011 at 10:23 pm

After three months will be like a year I met Reiki Yggdrasil . I still use it - I like it a lot, but I don’t really like that for such a long time)). I will not say that it has been deepened into this system, since there is much more that is interesting to develop.

I feel that during this time the energy mass has increased, the cocoon has become more dense, wider.

Reiki-iggdrasil resonates very much, the energy itself is close, the creator himself is Nikolai Zhuravlev. There was even an interesting experience in a dream with Nikolay Zhuravlev - he made me decomposed on any maps of the unrealistic (in the form of fireworks), and something told me, I think there was a dialogue on a subconscious level. This happened when I got 4yu stage, concluded that we are all connected to this man as the creator of the system.

With some settings, in general, the work does not add up, I can not understand how these settings work, rather weakly - this is cleaning the room, the person, the treatment, the flight could have been more abruptly, past lives, knowledge, intuition.

There is no clarity when working with setting up karma, create a situation (I mean your personal work experience)

Favorite settings:

protection, destruction of connections, activation of cash flow, purpose, sexuality, flight, vision, connection with the gods, work with the situation, charging the subject, emotion.

The settings have really built up with me over time and work automatically, it can be said that these aspects have already been worked through somehow and you can proceed to the next.

The same goes for gods. Settings for the gods give some qualities, and if including the connection with God - does not torch - then the aspect has already been developed, if the qualities are new and in the subject - it means it makes sense to accumulate them. I came to this understanding now.

I like to be connected to this system, to be a part of this egregore , and the people here are friendly, adequate e- very nice to interact with you Andrew and with all the guys. Thank! All successes in development!


Elena September 7, 2011 at 8:10 am

For me, acquaintance with Reiki Yggdrasil was a continuation of acquaintance with the runes - an attempt to live another facet of them .... I tried it and I liked it! Works! This is a unique new experience for me, and I am very grateful to Andrew for becoming a talented guide on the untrodden paths of the world of energies and elements :)

Through working with Yggdrasil, I had a new encounter with my own Spirit, felt a new facet, opportunity, "muscle" of this amazing Glowing Being, which I am ... This is an exciting way to myself - and in good company !!!! For me, the settings are more like gamma to feel and play out my abilities, to play the own music of the Spirit ... Although the main thing, I think, is the very stay - in music, in the Spirit, in the stream ... But these are all beautiful words, if there are no real results, but they do not appear so quickly:

Favorite and underworking is working with the situation, protection, clearing, activation, emotions.

The setting for breaking ties is gorgeous - the relationship is qualitatively laundered and laundered - until a new wash :)

Tightly with vision, flight - few developments, nothing to see for now, but the road will be mastered by walking !

Communication with gods does not inspire, but communication with the world is very tangible - both as an increase in flow, and as communication, openness to the world, events, and life.

The main thing is that there is interest - and skills !!!!! - to improvise with energies, and this is for me the most valuable!

This is all - only the first step, and there ahead is an amazing Path ....... The right parable that the path to the sea is more valuable than the sea itself .... After all, it is the path that changes me ...

And many thanks to all fellow travelers, making this path more refined and filled with warmth and love!





Dmitry September 7, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Good day. Acquaintance with Reiki Yggdrasil clearly changed my energy base on a more versatile scale. I will not say that everything turns out and everything is perfect. It’s not like that, sometimes I don’t feel a flow, sometimes it makes very little, and sometimes it’s simple about “ pins ”. There are settings that don't seem to work for you, such as “creating situations”, “intuition” and “activating cash flow” . Others, such as "Treatment" or "connection to the world," feel very decently. Probably all the settings where you need to tune in to your inner plane of being and make the brain stop its dialogue for just a second, are obtained, but as for attracting yourself from the outside, they fail. Praised the setting of "karmic bond breaking" of the people who dragged me into the flow, and a few years no longer exist, at first it was sad, but then somehow became calm .... If it is necessary, then so necessary. I am going to practice further, there is a lack of a theoretical base, but over time this nuance will be pulled up :))))))

Thank. I think that with all the people who helped me gain this experience, I will intersect at new crossroads of life.


Rosalia September 13, 2011 at 12:31

Greetings to all!

Acquaintance with Reiki Yggdrasil happened for me extremely unexpectedly and what is interesting

at the most opportune moment. During this time there have been so many changes!

In practice, I made sure that the settings facilitate communication and help to find a common language with a person who seems incompatible with you. It is very exciting to work with your emotional state, sometimes you even want some extra stimuli to test yourself))

At the moment, I mainly use the setting with the Gods, although working with the situation is my favorite.

Level 5 has had a huge impact on me, especially the first 2 weeks.

Now it is felt that life has become more smooth, there is a feeling that you are carried in your arms, and you just need to relax, have fun and have time to correctly formulate your desires))

Thank you.


Louise September 21, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Good day to all!

Initially, I want to thank the creator of the system, Nikolai Zhuravlev and you Andryusha for your ability, the skill to transfer this knowledge to us!

When receiving the first stage, I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness and results, from the very first days work with Igddrasil simply captured ... and does not let go until now)))

With the help of this system, it is possible to solve a number of health problems, both for me and for my relatives.

In general, the system is very powerful, it works perfectly!

Thanks to working with Yggdrasil , amazing changes occur in my life.

Considering that in my life my relations with the opposite sex are not very smooth, thanks to the settings of Yggdrasil, these irregularities can be avoided, harmonized with a loved one, in a family, and simply in relations with people.

The setting "Working with a situation" is simply magical, let alone of course that all the settings are great, it is possible to solve even the most difficult and complicated situations.

And thanks to the “Protection” setting, I feel myself anywhere, as in a “tank,” although I used to be very susceptible to outside energy influence.

You can list all the advantages and advantages of the settings and this system, but I think that the whole dissertation will turn out)))

But in general, I will say that the system is really magical, very necessary and most importantly working!

Thank you again!))


Ilona October 2 , 2011 at 8:26 pm

Grateful fate that so easily led me to the system Yggdrasil .

Having practical experience of changing situations on your own potential , when you force energy in the right direction, you change the configuration and so on - Reiki Yggdrasil is just a magic wand.

Love to feel all the streams , oh no different, individual .

Favorite settings - "Flight", "Vision" , " Activation of cash flow", "Connection with the World", "Connection with Gods", "Break of connections", "Karma", "Creating a situation", "Working with a situation".

Customer apply all settings - depending on the objectives and sets ch everything works quickly and efficiently.

Wonderful amulets are made of items.

It turned out in a fairly short period of time to work with clients to harmonize relationships in families and couples, remove love triangles, increase efficiency in business, quickly harmonizes the emotional state of clients and physical condition in diseases.

There was a certain feeling of relaxation and confidence in the result , to justify itself.

I thank Nikolai Zhuravlev for creating the system.

I thank Andrei Litvinov for teaching high quality.

I wish you success in development and all the best to all.



Eugene Report

Since that time, as I began to be trained in Reiki system of Yggdrasil , and began to use the settings of the system in his life, with myself and with my surroundings certain life began to happen changes .E minute changes occurred precisely in the area with which I Strahl work more Of all, I mean by the settings. It all depended on what exactly I wanted to change in a positive direction in my life . When setting up the Treatment, after some time, positive changes in terms of health began to occur and what So far, so luchshe.Pri setting Cleansing interesting sensations occur on efirke, efirka leveled and cleared, cleaned and falls off all nenuzhnoe.Tak same this setting harmonizes the space in which the spending practices in the investigation of the results of the practice, the most tangible .N Setting Destruction The connections proved to be very good , because after her, in my close environment, interesting changes are still taking place , in terms of the fact that those people with whom I broke the connection simply cease to me popadatsya.Ya can with them to work, but for an interesting confluence of circumstances, simply do not intersect with nimi.S some people just relations improved, that also ochent pleased born in Handling the setting of Karma, he has shown himself as a way that I started in my life come across those people whom I have not met for a long time , but with whom I have in the past had some negative, vital moments that were emotionally entrenched in my mind. After some work done with the settings, these people simply ceased to make itself known .T ak also work with the settings defined positive changes Mirovospriyatie.Nachinaesh deeper and wider look at the world that we are constantly making the teaching and work with the settings Reiki Yggdrasil certain way changes the structure of consciousness and helps evolutionarily grow...

Andrew October 3 , 2011 at 12:10

I join in gratitude. settings were bright and efficient. “breaking ties”, “vision” , “ flying”, “creating a situation”, “communication with gods” were felt at the physical level. I constantly use “breaking ties”, “intuition”, “creating a situation”. a structured picture of the direction of movement emerges with complete confidence in the correctness of the choice and implementation. harmonized and structured body and so on . worked on order with the situation. send shifts about which the person did not even imagine. and this is almost a few days . n When the flight brightest picture. fulfillment of desire at the household level in general fly. have to be careful with the words. This is the way you need to remember everything.Come on ..

very clear work with cash flow . There are people and proposals that are not even thought of as income. work with the situation on the order: clearly shows the place of the proposed work of the customer, the person who interfered with the promotion was transferred to another department. breaking ties: real-life situations and study. "Power": a return to a situation where it was necessary to show maximum resistance and will, study of the situation. "flight": a great setting. the results are there, it’s too early to describe , I 'll add a conscious trip.


Alex Nov 2, 2011 at 2:06 am


"I will only show you the door, you must enter it yourself" (Matrix)

Many thanks to the Higher Forces, the Yggdrasil system , Andrei and our team from Lopansky for showing me this door to a new reality.


I write this because my life has changed.

At first there was a shock from the aggravation of unsolved problems, then I got used to the new rhythm of life, working with cash flow bore fruit, life got better ) ) karma, past lives, and working with a situation changes my destiny more gently.

Settings power and sexuality and activation apply periodically, as needed. Vision and the flow of energy is included better when we work in a group. For treatment, I use it in conjunction with traditional medicine, so I cannot single out specific successes in this setting for myself.

Treatment, cleaning, destruction of connections, I often use them together, I also try to apply Reiki Yggdrasil and Thai massage settings together , or Reiki Yggdrasil and Yoga.

Not long ago, a quiet rotting marsh turned into a stormy, powerful, fresh, clean stream, now I control my destiny, which I wish everyone!


Valentine Dec 8, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Greetings to all . I read reports of other guys and am happy for them, I did not intend to write about myself, because I expected something global. unearthly. Then she began to think and decided to share, can someone turn on and talk to me. Initially, there were pictures , like in the movies. now the inner vision has begun (but weak). in the group we tried diagnostics, everything becomes warm and comfortable from my hands and the main thing is that the blocks disappear. malaise. headaches, etc., at home and at work I offer help myself. so as not to swallow the pills, it helps, but you need to work out some method. In general , more questions than answers. With live settings , I include all sometimes for fun in transport. It is interesting to see how everything works.

I called a friend in Krivoy Rog-sick . depresnyak , voice barely pulls. I asked to lie down and relax. cleaned herself. after which she turned on her - cleaning, treatment. harmonization. breaking ties. All this in 15 minutes, I cleaned myself again and in half an hour I called back and , oh , a miracle. I hear a cheerful, joyful voice as she felt good what warm energy. I want to sleep (she said she doesn’t remember when she slept well) agreed to work a week.

At home, the granddaughter of 9 years in the evening did not calm down the hyperactive - turned on harmonization . It is natural with great love. she takes my hand and says what a beautiful green light comes from your hand.

A girlfriend is calling from Krivoy Rog and the first thing she says . hours after my treatment she is now nothing hurts and always in a good mood. asks to treat the whole family ...


Vlad Dec 20, 2011 at 12:22 am

I want to note the result of working with the channel Yggdrasil . I heard about this system several times , but I only got acquainted about a year ago. I really did not have enough tools to harmonize and correct the conditions in which I fall. From the first stage, I felt a very strong effect, during the settings there was a good feeling of refreshing and opening of some blocks. Now I have in my hands the mechanism of applying Yggdasil in various situations. All this was tested and felt by me . One of the most significant events for me was getting the 5th Master stage. Probably, the connection to the channel will be remembered for a lifetime.

What did I manage to do during the time after initiation :

1. To practice basic techniques, to choose for themselves the basic and appropriate settings for me.

2. Use basic practices

- For daily harmonization - the morning setting “Cleaning ” - “Protection” - “ Intellect ” - “Power” became mandatory for me, they entered my life as a breath. Awakening, immersion in settings, as a result, the mood and state all day is completely different - clearer, cleaner, collected.

- To harmonize in states of stress - I am alone for 15 minutes. “Destruction of connections” - “Emotion”, --- I can continue to work with clients, conduct dialogues with people, get away from emotions.

- The treatment itself - it turned out to heal a wound on the leg, the result was the next morning. Could relieve pain. (Setting "Treatment").

Healing others is a little experience. Tried several times on parents and clients. He noted that it is easier to target others than himself (I am more responsible). The internal dialogue is completely turned off, the flow is more powerful.

- Particularly well are the streams in the work in a pair. Taking advantage of the moment I want to say thanks to those who helped me in this. This is Beskorovainaya Yana, Yermishina Valentina, Kudenko Sergey, Ovchinnikova Tanya (which has a large client base and works with people). I am very grateful to Litvinov Andrew for his tactful and wise work with us. I will look forward to continuing the course and with great desire to continue the work begun. Many thanks to the author of the system N. Zhuravlev - Thank you, Teacher, for the tool that helps us in this modern world. And also I want to note that Yggdrasil It helps well in preparation for the Great Transition 2012. It helps to reach the necessary vibrations and get a harmonious and balanced state of mind and body.

The system helped me in relationships with people. "Revitalizing cash flow" works instantly.

"Creating a situation" - you need to create the right situation and have a backup option how to steer it.

Setting "Vision" helps in diagnosing the problem, helps to see the situation in advance. Customers are satisfied)))

You can write a lot but there is not enough paper))))) But if you read this far, it means you were interested))) Thank you very much. Successes and much joy.

Your Vlad)))

(PS : The text is charged for sexuality))) ACCEPT !!!!))


PSPS: Working with the situation taxis))))


Jan 20 Dec 2011 at 6:14 pm

Good time!

Acquaintance with the system Yggdrasil was not accidental. It was by the way, for that period of my life, for that, my inner state ... I was ready! Ready to accept new! At that time I was empty, and now filled with new , etc. To me, a stream. I went back into balance in a deep harmony .. born in asshirilis frame, increased opportunities ... I even see this new stage of development, which I passed.

What gave impetus, the vision of new opportunities and the realization of oneself. Has become even more receptive and sensitive. I find Nirvana in the Common .

Regularly turning on the stream and applying the settings does not make the result wait long.

First of all, I help myself, and also my surroundings. Interesting observations when working remotely (I spend a session with a friend who is in France).

Thank you !!!

Be full of love! Become Shining!


Alexander Dec 20, 2011 at 9:27 pm

I join all the guys and express my gratitude to Andrei for having opened this system for me in my time at the festival. And then we worked very productively in the Crimea, where I got all the basic basic settings. I feel the flow with all the settings, with some I work more, with others less. I apply the treatment and protection on myself almost every day, also using the destruction of communication, treatment, cleaning and working with the situation, saved one woman from smoking in two sessions. I tried to direct the defense to the drunk, then they calmed down or bypassed us with the other side. Once I tried on cats, they wanted to start a fight, but when I called the stream and sent them, they diverged. With the help of cash flow doubled your income. I clean the room at work and at home, I also clean myself. I also read more theoretically, reread the Scandinavian myths, began to study Tarot cards ). In general, after acquaintance with this system, new interests appeared, new friends and new ways of development emerged.


Maxim Jan 9, 2012 at 2:16 am


Andrew, thank you for the transfer of Reiki Yggdrasil , as well as for training and excellent explanations on the system!

I feel the flow on all settings, I work differently , with some very rarely, with others every day. The most commonly used settings are vision, treatment, protection, breaking negative connections, cash flow.

After receiving the settings, my own abilities, namely, vision, opened up or increased greatly.

It works great with setting up treatment and breaking negative relationships in a couple, worked with oneself and with other people, there was a fairly quick positive effect on the guys, the treatment could not be completed, as these same guys were not particularly interested. When working with treatment, the vision is greatly enhanced. Protection works great.

There is an interesting result from working with past lives (I was not the king :)), I use the rest of the settings less, but the effect is felt everywhere.

The settings of karma and cash flow act strongly and quite fatefully, the situation in life has changed quite dramatically and continues to change, and in an unexpected and rather painful way, after analyzing what is happening, it became clear that I myself asked for it and the process can be said to be accelerated.

So with confidence can tell, settings work and strongly rabotatyut !

Good luck to all!


Oksana Cherednichenko January 13, 2012 at 22:37

I can’t say that my life somehow changed drastically (for now), but some changes took place in me, my outlook changed, it became easier to “ tune in ” with other people and the fact that “ Yggdrasil ” helps to make life more harmonious, that's for sure. Some settings have simply become a necessary element of life - "activation", "sexuality", "intelligence" (I turn on in the morning , I hope it helps in work), sometimes I use the “power” setting, but rarely (I forget), so there are few developments; “Working with a situation” is a favorite setting, it helps in most cases, unlike “creating a situation” - it’s impossible for me to create situations so far, even the simplest ones. “Emotion” is a wonderful thing, it helps to align the emotional background, although at first I even thought that I don’t need this setting for sure - I am a balanced person, very rarely allow myself to emotion , but it turns out that everything boils inside and boils (did not think about it before.)

I do “cleaning”, “treatment”, “protection” every day, I don’t feel anything, but I do.

“Revitalizing cash flow” - major changes in cash flow are not yet visible, but it helps not to waste money;

“Destruction of the connection” - to be honest , I am afraid of this setting, in my life there are practically no people with whom I would like to harmonize relations with close people, but I am afraid that if, together with the negative aspects of the relationship, they disappear and all positive? Therefore, not very often use the setting.

"Flight". So far I only succeed in flying in those places and times that I know and remember, i.e. in the memories. If I make this setting before bedtime, I usually come to my senses already in the morning, but what dreams are dreaming !!!! And so realistic that for a long time I cannot understand at all where the dream is, where it is.

I am training “Vision”, but I don’t see it yet. With the "Knowledge" I do not understand yet, it turns out or not. I heard it several times (I heard it) the answer to the question, but the answer was as I would like, so I don’t know, maybe this consciousness worked for me?

“Connection with the gods” felt only once, but the feeling was porous !!


Irina's report: Jan 17, 2012 at 4:23 pm

And so, on the first step I most often use protection, although lately I like to launch it with Thor, I feel its work, I feel more security, confidence sometimes fear goes away. I start the treatment when I work on the tinctures sometimes on my relatives when they need it. I use intuition as needed.

I like the “cleaning” setting from step 2, I feel its flow well, I spend more time with it than other settings, and I also like to run it in the bedroom, in the apartment or in other rooms where I come. I also like the setting "removing unnecessary connections", although it’s late that I’ve not started it as often as I did before (probably no longer needed)) Cash flow works, I just don’t understand why I often forget about it, even when paired working through all the settings. .

Of the 3 steps I want to note the setting “flight” I often use it when I can’t sleep for a long time, it works in some magical way, as soon as I start it, all my thoughts leave and I almost immediately fall asleep. Karma is still working hard, yesterday it was launched with Natasha, and today there are old situations that have happened very rarely lately, and even an emotional state that you don’t know what to do with it at all .... this of course does not happen every time but if it happens, it will not seem to be enough)).

From the 4th stage I started to relate to the vision, before I didn’t like this setting very much, I don’t work with it a lot, but when we start it with Natasha , we like to read who is wearing what and often guess, at first it wasn’t even believed. I love the “past lives” setting very much. It’s a resource for me and pleasant, nourishing, soothing, different pictures and images come in, sometimes they are repeated, but more often new ones come.

In recent years, most worked on the creation of a situation before it launched a "knowledge", " telecommunication with the world", " telecommunication with the gods," I can say , h is the realization of one situation came money, and the second, too, would seem to narisovyvaetsya , well, most important until it is inhibited, in general there is still a place to work, but this is already for the next year ...)) Here is a brief and all, with the upcoming New Year, I wish that all the settings worked , brought happiness and joy!

Oleg January 26 2012 at 22:37

Only now I treated my daughter, there were very strong back pains . Apply spirit ku treatment, then treatment Pott runes. combination of runes , runes treatment. after 5 minutes, the energy throughout the body harmonized . And I also want to add that I saw a red hearth at the place of pain, after that when the vision was turned on, and then the fire was extinguished and the energy was restored . I write chaotically because my emotions are going wild . Thanks Andrew. Yggdrasil taxis. By the way, while writing my daughter came up kissed, nice !!!


Dana Jan 27 2012 at 1:58

I am glad that I found a partner in practice - not alone so effectively. Tomorrow we start))


Sergey 7 feb 2012 at 0:25

I am glad that I discovered Yggdrasil ) It works very well especially if you practice every day. At this stage, I mainly work on treatment, protection, cleaning , work with the situation)) It’s very effective at work that I didn’t even believe at the beginning)) There is an intention to study all the extra steps and reach their full potential)))

Vasa February 7 , 2012 at 1:45

An excellent system ... very well reveals and develops the capabilities of a person ... naturally, with regular practice, it enhances the possibilities ) ) tried it out personally )) Thank you!


Nina, Kiev .: Feb 17 , 2012 at 14:32

The effect of the settings :

August 2011 : work with the situation - improvement of the cardiovascular system.

Deadline - October-October 2011. The result is 95%.

08/25/11.D-z: SARS . Treating the flow, the result is a relief of the state . By 27.08. - it's all over.

09/27/11. - business trip with non-contact persons with difference in age and interests.

Purpose: harmonization of relations. The result - the relationship is harmonized by 70%,

new successful contacts have appeared ..

3.11.2011. I can not enter the Skype program . 4.11.2011. - work with the situation,

evening 4.11. - meeting in skype .

11/24/2011. - purpose: liver treatment through working with the situation . In a few minutes

significant relief. After 30 minutes, the pain went away completely.

December 5, 2011 - purpose: treatment of pain in the liver through working with the situation. The pain disappeared instantly .

December 6th, 2011 - work with the situation, the goal - the absence of a queue under the office . The result under the office is empty. A queue of 4 people appeared after visiting the office.

01/18/12. - the same goal with the same result in another situation.

12/18/2011. - goal is harmonization of relations born in Performan positive.

December 25, 2011.-the goal is to cure a cold by working with the situation, January 5, 2012. pain treatment

the shoulder joint through the work situation born in Performan positive.

01/27/12 With the help of flow and settings - instant exit from vascular crisis.

29-30.01.12. Treatment of skin diseases in the distance .ch Erez week reported a positive result.

CONCLUSIONS : daily work with settings allowed us to harmonize relations,

continue their harmonization and implementation of goals in different directions.

The cash flow slightly intensified, general well-being improved (the possibility of localization of diseases and complete edema was improved), self-confidence increased.

In the direction of self-realization - advancement in the development of a computer, improved preparation for the seminars, the opportunity to engage in new interests . And the intuition helps in making the right decisions.

Settings work, delight, open up new aspects of life.

I wish you happiness and magic every day !


Radim Feb 27 , 2012 at 10:43 am

This past two days passed the basic course of Reiki Igdrasil . That evening, at the request of one of his friends, he initiated it to the first step. The most interesting thing is that I managed to initiate it, he felt the flow of energy and accepted all the settings of the first stage.

It's Monday, I came to work. In my head some kind of coup. It is difficult to get together. It feels like I'm not quite in this world yet .. And it scares me a little.

I talked with Andrew, he advised me to set goals. Put, helped ) )


Dana Dakshina

Report on the Basic Rate of Reiki Yggdrasil .


I use the Reiki Yggdrasil system settings all the time, every day,

staying in this Stream became for me a natural state. My morning often begins with the fact that, going from a state of sleep to wakefulness, I launch a suitable Flow (Activation, for example ) , and then others, to a state in which I want to start my day harmoniously. The flow and the day gets the missing state - for example, love to do it then when I go on the subway. I also work with other people - those who trust me.

and ready to accept help from me, participation. Sometimes I tell them about it, and sometimes

I simply harmonize the state with others - and they feel good and pleasant, and it becomes easier for me

communicate with them. Now I work with my mother - her eyesight is deteriorating, the doctors even suggest that you have an operation to replace the lens ... But I don’t consider this to be the best solution and plan to resolve the situation with the help of settings. After my "sessions" mom feels more cheerful, anxiety goes away, her head clears up. She feels the movement, the changes taking place in the organs with which I work - I clean, I cure -

(and I work with it as a single organism, realizing that there is little point in treating only the eyes).

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a woman dear to my heart, who was accustomed to decide everything in her life and do it herself, and because of that she couldn’t relax and “go with the flow” of Life and just be happy. But I wanted to make it even in the holiday received its portion of happiness and how to be rested. I actively used the settings to harmonize her condition, as well as the state of her guests, the general atmosphere. As a result, one of those present, a 12-year-old boy, said: "Aunt Tanya, the first time I see you so happy." It turned out to create a sincere, warm, friendly atmosphere for her,

and she smiled a lot and laughed heartily, which happens to her infrequently.

I also work with a woman who has little knowledge of “ esotericism ” and has lived, basically, worldly life. But at the same time for about a year she adheres to the diet of raw food , and therefore she has a clear and clear state of consciousness, and she very accurately feels the quality of streams of different settings and goes deep into states. Gave her the first step.

Concluding my report, I want to say that I see for myself the prospect of further development

in the Reiki Yggdrasil system and now I am working towards creating a practicing group

in Moscow.


Tatyana March 28, 2012 at 23:17

As I practiced, I classified for myself the following settings: 1) mandatory, bringing me to a good harmonious state, I do as often as possible - breaking the bond, clearing, emotion, treatment, protection, sexuality; 2) strategic, changing dramatically and more deeply my state and life - destination, karma, past lives, knowledge, vision, flight; 3) situational which use as the need arises - activation , a domain , a work situation, activation den.potoka, intellect . A special place is occupied by the settings Communication with the world and Communication with the gods, any settings in combination with these are amplified many times. Now about achievements: at the time of receiving the settings I broke up with my young man, which was quite painful for me, so the Reiki Yggdrasil course came in very handy :) practiced breaking the communication + emotion + working with the situation + using the group with which we received the settings = awareness, deep understanding of the situation, which made it possible to release a person without claims and “showdowns”. Another thing that struck - removed a strong painful attack of renal colic from a friend with the help of settings treatment + connection with the world + connection with the goddess Eyre, while that a friend lives in another city. I also especially want to note the setting of the destination: if suddenly a bad mood rolls in, there are questions: what have I achieved in this life? etc. - urgently! destination! All questions disappear after 5 minutes, you clearly understand what you should do and where you are going! tested on their own experience! Gave 1 and 2 degrees to her 17 year old son. Every day I hear his enthusiastic reports about how the minibuses arrive at the right time, how successfully they managed to write an independent one, how they took off their own headaches and a lot of other things they did :) All this is very inspiring! I thank Andrey and all our wonderful group, with which we continue to work fruitfully.

Ruslan March 29, 2012 at 9:51 pm

Good day! 03/24/12 I received the settings from the 1st to the 3rd level from Andrew, for which he is very grateful . I want to describe the feelings. From the very beginning, to be honest, I was skeptical about what I am capable of.) After receiving the settings, which I didn’t really feel, I more or less felt the settings for the 3rd level, I went home in a state of fatigue. The thought periodically sneaked into my head - “DIVORBE”, in terms of it. I went to our supermarket, which was 1000 times, took a cart with a plastic handle (the trolley itself was metal) and drove around the store . m I banged a cart with two currents in different places, while there were no wires or any other units nearby, and people freely passed there, without the sensation of current. The stream could not turn on. On Monday, I tried to turn on, though in the evening, when my daughter settled down. I really felt the power of the flow, it was even hard for me to hold my head, although I just said Yggdrasil . The next day, launched Work with the situation-treatment-cleaning, a wave started before Anahata warmed up with such heat, then the heart enveloped the heat . g Reuleaux it . after that there was a super mood )))

Another positive moment, it seemed to be holding back something, it used to be a hot-tempered one , right now, more calm . And, yes, I also forgot to say a cool thing, I noticed , it seemed to have grown up, but not in the literal sense, I seemed to see from a greater height. Well, maybe insanity, but so it seemed to me for a while. Well, in general, the Lord of the ice was broken. I am changing and I feel it! Thank you for your attention! All the best!


Vasa Wasabi Mar 30 2012 at 12:22

I write a report) the system is very effective , reveals the possibilities of a person with a bang, balances and harmonizes both internally a person and externally .... good material for managing your life in general. After completing the full basic course, the quality of life improves significantly, the world’s vision changes. For myself, I took on the constant use of Settings, creating a situation , working on a situation, treatment ... I also often apply setting protection to others, depending on the situation I will describe the last of them, one woman turned to me for help, at work with her team some individuals love gossip and this woman is not spared the gossip, I cleaned off the bindings and installed protection on this woman from the evil eye and from gossip and wiles , also put protection on this circle of people on interests with a reservation so that their gossip remained in their space. as a result, people in this circle quarreled because of their own gossip and everyone went about their work ... at the moment they are all busy with their business and gossip is postponed.) Often I apply treatment to others .... I have a cold , headaches take away in a matter of minutes . Many thanks to Nikolai and Andrey ! )) Thank you.

Vsevolod Apr 4, 2012 at 8:17 am


Intuition I- when in doubt than that, run the setup at the same time saying that "YES" on the one hand to the other "No" comes .otvet vvide gravity and ripple in the hand, and act in accordance with the received otvetom.esche have never pozhelel ) Purification and Treatment often use a pair of very well established for the removal of dental pain and headache rastrojstva organov.cheloveka cured by viral disease with cough and temperature for 3 days (three sessions). Working with the situation - using this setting, the wind always blows in the right direction ) I often use it. Destruction bond y well removes negativity in relationships with loved ones. Charging subject a- repeatedly charged food and water on the vigor and good health. is valid! Activation of cash flows A changed world view in respect of finance, material while nothing has changed, but the ice was broken. Purpose - with the help of this setting, I decided on the direction of my life and I also had a very bright vision and yes, I saw my purpose ! rather, the final result to which it is necessary to come! it took a couple of weeks of work with the setup.

Emotions I- in the early going emotions out with different manifestations and then a balanced state of mind. Power - I use in business communication, the power of persuasion increases . With fishing, weight gains .

Sexuality is the effect from the first application in the form of disclosure. Intellek t- settles thoughts. often turns off the internal dialogue in conjunction with emotion helps to more adequately look at the situations that are disturbed. Flight is rarely used, then when I want to plunge into the past to review situations. Sometimes the effect is that I remember and immerse myself in a situation when I was 1-2 years old. Visions e- revealed the ability to see the internal structures of objects, objects, to see the smallest particles. for example, look at a person and see what's inside his physical shell, bones, organs, some small details)) of reference is not very clear, let's see what will happen next. Knowledge e run in the morning every day, it happens that interesting information emerged from "nowhere" and its accuracy is not in doubt. Past life, there was some experience when the air was reeling , it started spinning and I plunged into the void and from there I watched "movies" from different pictures. but so far I decided not to past lives to climb .With ligature with Bogami- well-established channel with "Mars" god of his energy helps in discovering videniya.Svyaz with mirom- powerful setting when it starts begin to see the energy and the emission from the objects is often used in conjunction with " vision "and" connection with the gods. "

The result: the state was harmonized, some abilities were revealed, development in all spheres of life, spiritual growth, a very convenient system for solving various tasks. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Alexey Jul 27 , 2012 at 11:08

Thanks to Andrew) for something that met and in tune with the reference system of Reiki Yggdrasil . I feel the energy of the flows in all settings, but I don’t use all the settings, basically it’s “Activating Cash Flow”, I try to pump the “Karma” setting very often I turn on this setting, then “Protection”, “Charging the subject” I charge almost everything I have on hand , I also work with the "Treatment" setting, but for some reason only directing myself to others does not help them but I think it is a matter of time and working out the settings)), I use the “Activation” setting in the morning when it’s hard to get up))) and even during the day, the “Emotion” setting also sometimes helps, after getting the first step, I often used the “Intuition” and “Work with situation” settings I really liked the flow of the setup "Sexuality" softer and gentle stream, I have not felt in a reference system Yggdrasil )) with the rest of the settings also work periodically but not as often as those described above

In general, in my opinion, the Reiki Yggdrasil system is an amazing system not capable of harming or doing something wrong, I had a situation that I pumped through the Reiki Yggdrasil system , it seemed with all its outcome, it is not decided as I want, but as practice has shown, the situation is solved "not as I want", but since for me it is better)))

In general, I am very happy and satisfied (like an elephant) that I became acquainted with this system.


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Ruslan August 14 , 2012 at 12:18

Good day!

I have been interested in esotericism for many years, but before all my knowledge had been reduced to reading books and analyzing them, something I tried to put into practice, but without a methodology and system. and here, literally last year, there were a lot of offers to learn the RI system. even sometimes thought , that offers highly intrusive, but one familiar magician suggested that I was invited here for a reason, once the world gives me so many signs.

I'm quite skeptical and pragmatic, and some emotional outbursts until you hear from me . n uzhno time, focus and practice.

I work with settings: cleaning a person and a room, treatment, purpose, power, working with gods, activating cash flow, sexuality, working with a situation.

currently interested in a change in business, finding your way.

certain changes have gone . n about money as it opens up new ways of earning money is received, and often unexpected, on the cat on rye never races with used to read. the situation in business has changed, a basis has appeared, confidence, goals for the near future.

I began to feel differently , the attitude of people around changed, as I began to feel more courageously.<

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